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irish 1927 vickers patt helmet


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

The badge, from what i have picked up, is the same as the standard Brass (FF in a wreath) Irish army badge except with 2 downward pointing prongs at the back rather that the loops of later ones.

The 2 prongs would have looked like miniture sliders (as on the back of standard british type badge) and would have been slid down into the 2 loops on the front of the helmet. these prongs seemingly were not all that straight and tended to be quiet stiff to remove badge from helmet.

I have intended to make one up for my Vickers (painted white, from FCA use during WWII) out of a 1950's Irish army badge but never got round to it.

Tough badge to find and will cost you and if they are similar to the standard looped badges easy enough to make up and so fool the unsuspecting

I am prety sure about the above but all readers are welcomed to correct away.



PS Not A WWI question but the Helmet Dies were originaly from WWI so you get in on a technicality ;)

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Hallo hudsonswhistle :D

With regards the badge on the Irish Vickers helmet I believe the badges were far bigger than the ones used today by the Other Ranks of the Irish Army, approxamatily the size of the large bronze Irish Officer Cap / Beret badges as used today.

My commanding Officer at Castlebar Military barracks Commandant Dunne 1997-2000) had one displayed in his office while he was stationed there and I recall it had a large badge (I have never seen any thing in writting stating officers badges on the helmet were bigger than O/R's, or that there was any difference in size).

White paint on these helmets indicates use by the WW2 Civil Defence and not F.C.A. (Army Reserve)

see also;


which gives some very good details on how to refurbish the Irish Vickers.


The crest worn on the front of the helmet is a variant of the Model 1924 Officer’s Cap crest. There is a distinct difference in the construction of the 1924 cap badge and the 1927 helmet badge, in the attachment prongs on the back. Most of the crests seen on helmets today, and indeed the one featured in this article are cap badges with the prongs bent downward. Original helmet crests are as rare, or perhaps rarer than the helmets themselves. The modified 1924 cap badge if carefully prepared, works well for display purposes.

Originally the crest was painted black. The outer inscription is Gaelic, “Oglais na hEireann” for IRISH DEFENCE FORCES, as first defined by the Irish Volunteers in 1913. The inner initials of the crest, “FF” stand for “Fianna Fail” the Republican movement. It appears the crest was worn only during military service.

Connaught Stranger (Transylvania, Romania) :D

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Hallo hudsonswhistle :D

For a nice picture of the original badge on the Irish Vickers helmet please see:


Connaught Stranger. :D

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Guest Trenchwire

Does anyone know where i can get a restrike badge for this helmet as this badge is impossible to get hold of :blink:

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