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I've had a complete disaster with my pc. I lost the contents of my hard drive and therefore all my e mails have gone into hyperspace.

Will the volunteer scribes please send me your addresses again




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I have resent my address.

Sorry to hear about the disaster but all may not be lost, provided you have hung on to the hard disk. You can recover data from a dead hard disk but it may not be cheap. However, it may be cheaper than losing everything and trying to recreate it.

I used Ontrack a few years ago when my hard disk went down and might have taken half my business with it. They recovered everything; not a thing was lost.

Now, because hard disks are a very cheap form of memory, I use two identical disks RAID mirrored. Everything is automatically written to both disks. The chance of both failing together is very small indeed. Of course, I am still in trouble if the computer is stolen or destroyed, so backup on removeable media like an external hard disk is still a good idea. LaCie has some good solutions for this.

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Clive / Will

Fortunately I'd backed up to a portable hard drive a week ago but I've never backed up my e-mails, address book or internet favourites. A lesson learnt the hard way....


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