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Find my Great Uncles DCM WW1

Guest JulieG

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My Gt Uncle John won his DCM in Dec 1914 at Festubert. He was serving with the 2nd Royal Munster Fusiliers. We know he died in 1916 on the Somme and he is commemorated at the Theipval Memorial. We are searching for his medal as we have his medal rolls, citation, war diary exepts etc and would like to have everything together again. It would also be nice to find his 1914 Star, his Victory Medal and his British War medal. He was a Cpl when awarded DCM and became a Sgt immediatley afterwards. Full name John Crane no 9152, any help would be brill. Julie P.S We have no idea if he was presented with this medal, whether it was sent to his parents etc no one living in our family has ever seen it!! PPS My brother is really the one who wants to find it!!

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Ralph J. Whitehead

I probably cannot help with the search but can you provide further details for the forum members. Was the medal lost, sold, stolen? Do you know when it was last seen, etc. I am sure that with the large community on the forum you have more of a chance locating the medal than on your own.

God luck with the search,


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If you do manage to find this group complete, you had better make sure you saved up! A DCM group of this caliber, could sell in today's market as high as $2500 USD or maybe more??? (Its hard to be sure with medal prices the way they are).

I just observed a DCM group, of similar qualifications, not a 1914 Star or casualty though, sell for $1650 USD. Single DCM's are also priced through the roof!!!

If all else fails consider a good copy DCM and 1914 Trio as a stand in.

Best of luck, and keep playing your lotto numbers.

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