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Remembering my dear grandfather Pte Thomas William Shurey who was wounded on 24/4/1917 by shrapnel whilst serving with the 16th Middlesex at Monchy Le Preux . After much research i still have questions left unanswered . The main one being 'which company was he in' ? I fear that this is one question that i may never know the answer to , although i would dearly love to be proven wrong . I have the positions of 'A' , 'B' , 'C' & 'D' company's on the 23rd / 24rd April which are as follows :-

A company - along the sunken road strong points .

B company - spring / pick / shovel trenches .

C company - 2 platoons to trench south of shrapnel trench , and 2 platoons to map reference 0.7.B.8.6.

D company - southern end of shrapnel trench .

Can anyone please shed any light on which german units were shelling these positions on the 23/24th April , and which positions they were shelling from ?

Any help would be very much appreciated , thanks .

Steve . ;)

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