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ASC Farrier/Shoeing Smith

Martin Felstead

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Attached are a couple of pics of my great uncle Frank Harold Taylor (though he always called himself Harold). Before the war he was trained as a Farrier and I think he was in the ASC during the war. I have no medals or documents about him other than these pictures so no army number unfortunately.

Does the horseshoe badge indicate a Farrier or "Shoeing Smith" and can anyone confirm the cap badge is ASC? The second pic shows him in action by an anvil (he's in the white shirt) in what I suppose could be France or Belgium - any ideas?

If I wanted to narrow down the search for his MIC do the ASC army number prefix have a meaning. I have seen several Harold Taylors (and Frank Taylor - his real name) with and S/ or SS/ prefix. Could the SS/ be a Shoeing Smith?

Any ideas gratefully accepted.


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Hi Martin

Yes the badge is Farrier and also the cap badge is ASC and you have identified yourself.

in the picture he seems to working away on a anvil.

Hope this helps


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I love the Farrier badge. One thing I can never understand is why the badge was worn that way.....surely all the good luck fell out! Or maybe it was worn that way so the devil couldnt be seated :lol: Several theories on that!

Another one of my favourites is the horse bit badge..........worn by saddle tree and harness makers.

As you dont have your relatives badges I think you should seek out an ASC Cap badge and the farrier badge.

Nice photos.


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According to "More Sources of World War I Army Ancestry"

by Norman Holding

Publisher: Federation of Family History Societies

ISBN: 1860060838

TS……Old Army Transport Specials

(own series of nos. before 1915)





Shoeing Smiths

SS....Supply specials.


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Thanks for the responses - there is an MIC for SS/2764 Pte Harry Frank Taylor ASC which I suppose could be him.

What is the difference between a Farrier and a Shoeing Smith?

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