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Dunkirk cemetary,hospital history please.


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A few weeks ago,after the pals trip but before Verdun,I again visited the cemetary local to the daughter in law,nr.the outskirts of Teteghem where there is & has been a hospital complex for a long time.

Nowadays,it is a centre for pyhsiotherapy & care for disabled folks & accident victims.

I heard a story that this hospital was for 'shell shock/mentally unbalanced soldiers during the Great war but as of yet,with little research done,haven't found anything to support this.

I know Dunkirk was an RNAS base in the war(& for the US navy too)but,the question I'd like answered is,why are there so many RFC guys in the cem there?

Was there an RFC base there too?

Probably easily answered by some one with a bit of knowledge but,apart from the hospitality & grand kids,I know nothing of this area,nor for the coast to Belgium either.

I'll only do a couple of photos as there are too many & the point will be made,hopefully :DPICT3599.jpg


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The hospital buildings by the rd.look like barracks but,im assured they were infirmary wards.Now privately owned.


& the larger,still used area


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Just 3 RFC graves for examples.Two side by side from poss.the same crew?



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