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NCO promotions

Guest FrankB

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I originally posted this question in a conversation on a specific regimental diary

but, on reflection, it applies on a much wider basis.

I don't know when my grandfather enlisted but the inscription on the back of

his 1914/15 Star was "Sjt. R. Bell" while the War Medal and Victory Medal rims

showed it as "W.O.CL.2. R. Bell" (Warrant Office 2nd Class which, I gather from

other threads in this forum, is the later designation for Company Sergeant Major).

Would the War Diary show when he was promoted or is that sort of thing held


Assuming he joined as a Private, I guess there would be at least four promotions

in his career (Pte -> L/Cpl, L/Cpl -> Cpl, Cpl -> Sjt, Sjt -> CSM/WO2). Are these

"low-level" promotions recorded or just designated in the field?



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Jonathan Saunders

From my own personal experiences of War Diaries it is unlikely his promotion would be included therein, although these all differ and WD for same battalions differ over a period of time depending on the officer charged with writing them up. It is obviious some were a labour of love and others not!!

Also regarding promotion during war time. It does not always follow that a Private has to become a L/Cpl before he is made a Cpl and in some instances Privates were promoted straight to Sergeant. I presume his service file did not survive at teh PRO/NA but if you have not searched for it then this would be yr best bet fir details concerning his promtions and dates.

I am not very experienced with MICs but wonder if his rank differs on the Star to the BWM/WM that the promotions were recorded on that??

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This is a transcript of part of the response I got from the MOD about one of mine

Enlisted at London into the London Regiment

Territorial Force ( as No. 425 ) and posted to 9th Battalion 28.04.1908

Embodied 05.08.1914

Appointed Lance Corporal 05.08.1914

Posted to 3/9th Battalion 15.06.1915

Posted to 1/9th Battalion 29.01.1916

Appointed Acting Corporal 09.02.1916

Reverted to Lance Corporal 15.03.1916

Promoted Corporal 16.03.1916

Posted to 56th Divisional School 21.03.1916

Allocated new number 394231 Unknown date

Rejoined Unit 04.04.1916

Appointed Acting Lance Sergeant 26.05.1916

Appointed Lance Sergeant 01.07.1916

Promoted Sergeant 01.07.1916

Appointed Acting Company Sergeant Major 14.04.1917

Relinquished the appointment of Acting Company Sergeant Major 04.08.1917

Reported Missing 16.08.1917

Repatriated 27.12.1918

Attached to the Territorial Force Depot 27.12.1918

Disembodied 07.06.1919

Discharged on Demobilization 31.03.1920

So imho his service record would be the best bet



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