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Robertson cannily like haig was a bad communicator and when engaged by the mercurial LG had to revert to simple dialogue to continue as LG would have tied him in knotts. It meant that Robertson did not engage in debate with LG and as thus seemed to be bull headed.

LG hated the losses and the heroism that was heaped on Haig and wanted him gone. Robertson protected Haig and pushed the western front. Enter Henry Wilson who wanted any job so long as it had position (my opinion) and he agreed with LG or seemed to and LG saw a chance to undermine Haig.

Ironically Robertson supported Haig even though he had some doubts about the fighting in France and the tatics being used, but i beleive he saw no other alternative to Haig. Haig was probably annoyed more for the fact that his sheild had been withdrawn. After the war Haig spoke kindly about Wilson (i think it was him though not sure) at a function and Robertson who left muttering was heard to say 'shall not go a farting with 'aig again'

Ironic to think that two of the senior men in the war effort for over two years were both from poverish backgrounds and had made good. In my opinion voiced many times on this forum is that LG behved very badly to Robertson as he did often to others and lied his pants of when Gen Maurice caught him out over the men and figures scandel in france. He used his position and power to ruin Maurices life.


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