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Remembered Today:

Today's soldier - Sgt. Andrew G. Lees, 9th Brigade CFA


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Sgt. Andrew Greig Lees, who is today's soldier, was a friend of my great/great aunt's brother, Sgt. Fred Snider Hughes. Both enlisted with the 33rd Battery CFA, and served with the 9th Brigade.

I found Hughes' diary not long ago, and Lees is mentioned participating in a boxing match in the hut at a training camp near Witley - the boxers were "Fat" (Sgt. Maxwell) Hudson and Andy Lees. I'm not sure about the name of the camp, but they state that they are about 8 miles from Witley.

I've posted the entire diary with some analysis of the individuals mentioned - here.

The entry about Lees is on the 21st of March, 1916 (scroll down).

Later on in Canada there was a reunion in 1946. A small roll of honour was compiled and Lees name was on this roll of honour of men who fell from the 33rd battery. This was preserved with a group of war related items belonging to Hughes. Also, the original words for a humorous play by members of the 33rd that was performed in 1916 was included with the file. I only found it this past December.

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Thanks for that additional detail. It's always nice when someone provides a personal touch to the 'Remembering Today' feature.

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Yes, when I saw the names I thought how strange that of all the names that could turn up, this one turned up. My relative knew him quite well. I was thinking that it would be wrong if I didn't take the time to write something.

Lees and the men of the 33rd battery would have received this Christmas card to send home.


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