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Guest Mike Barry

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Guest Mike Barry

Cpl J Sutherland gained his MM Gazetted 30312/10035 on 09/07/17 and gained his Bar Gazetted 31227/3412 on 13/03/19.

He appartently joined the Argyles.

Is their some book or information as to have he received these awards?

We tried the museum but they where unable to give any details.

Any direction would be useful.


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Military Medals are notoriously difficult to research as the citations were not published in the London Gazette. One man put together an incomplete listing of all recipients of the MM & Bar but this only provided details of when the award was "gazetted" and that you already know.

As a very rough rule of thumb, awards appeared in the London Gazette 3-5 months after the action for which the award was granted. That rule weakens with post-war gazette dates as there are instances of retrospective awards being made.

If there was a regimental history published that might provide you with information (but is unlikely to do so). You could also try the battalion war diary at the PRO. This might at least pin down the action for which he was decorated. Officers are mentioned much more frequently than other ranks but it is still worth trying.

Your best bet is the local press. If you know where your man came from look through the local newspapers, a labourious but sometimes rewarding job. There were two men from my home town who received the MM & Bar. For one, there was a full report of how he earned his decorations but the other merely reported that he had received them.

Good luck.



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From a the book 'Military Medal & Bar 1916-19'

265411 Pte. J.G. SUTHERLAND

MM: 11 Feb 1919

Bar: 23 July 1919


There are two other Sutherland's listed, one Canadian and the other NZ

Hope that helps,


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Guest Mike Barry

Dear David,

I have received information that:

254365 Cpl J Sutherland A&SH should be in the list you refered too.

The other soldier you mentioned is 265411 Cpl J G Sutherland as being in the Black Watch, although it is possible that a transfer occured!

Otherwise again thank you for your comments.


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