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HMS Marlborough


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My grandfather, Alexander Reid McMartin served on the Marlborough during the battle of Jutland. I'm hoping to find a picture of him as I never got to meet him and my father had no family pictures. 

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On 11/01/2010 at 20:02, MartinWills said:


The card was one of a batch I bought back in 2007 all of which relate to HMS Marlborough, some 30 odd in all. There are a few other men named and quite a few who are not. It includes the football team, concert party entertainers and other oddments (groups and single men).

One of the cards was sent to a Lizzie Monks & Mrs Craig living near Loughborough at Oast Leake (from Ted - presumably Edward Monks?) and another has a message to "Lizzie" from Claude.

If you can let me have an email address I will dforward a high res scan of the pic - but beware posting an undisguised email address on forum as spammers will pick it up.

Do you know anything more about Lizzie?



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Lizzie Monks lived with her Grandmother Mrs Craig in East Leake in Nottinghamshire Ted (Edwin) Monks was her brother and Claud was her husband who she married in 1917. I would be interested in knowing what the information on the cards said and any other picures.  I have more information as although I am not related I am interested as I am in the East Leake Local History Society



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On 31/10/2014 at 00:01, Guest Ozsiris said:

My Grandfather Laurence Lonsdale was also a stoker injures in the same explosion when the torpedo hit. I have tried 20 years to find any of his records, RN are most unhelpful. He finally died 1949 from post operative causes related to his injuries an was on a disability pension . Actually i have no real evidence of his naval service other than photos at HMS Pembroke and HMS Paris. I believe he was Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve

Interested in your photo(s) of HMS Paris, as I also had a (GT) Grandfather who served on her for 3 years in WW1.  Are you able to share them with me please?

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