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Modern inscription on Tyne Cot headstone


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On another thread, I refer to a clearly modern day inscription that's on one of the headstones at Tyne Cot.

I don't know the soldier's name and can't recall the inscription. It must be a reasonably well known headstone as the Ieper based minibus tour guide was showing it to a party, when we last visited.

I am sure, from the modern language used, that it can only have been added to the stone in recent years and, IIRC, it was vaguely "political" (even that is perhaps too strong - a modern comment on the war?)

Again, memory is fallible, but I think the stone would be about two thirds of the way up the cemetery and pretty much central. Does anyone know the name and inscription?



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Can't help you with that one, John, although I have a vague recollection of seeing a modern-style inscription at Tyne cot a few years ago. You may be interested to learn that , according to my sources, Richard Lancaster, the Lancashire Fusilier discovered at Ploegsteert in 2006, will have an inscription chosen by the family on his headstone at Prowse Point. He is due to be reburied on 4th July, the same day as an unknown LF (believed to be an officer in OR uniform) is re-interred at Tyne Cot.

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