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Middlesex Regt. 12 Btn.


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I am looking for the movements of the 12 Btn Middlesex Regt around the 17.02.17. I have a soldier whom I'm trying to obtain information on. He was Pte Tom Allen (2582) and he was killed 17.02.17 and buried at Regina Trench Cem. I know the Btn was around Regina trench in November 1916, but can anyone please tell me where they were in Feb 1917.

Many thanks in advance.


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The 12th Middx were in 54 Brigade of the 18th Eastern Division and were involved in the Battles of the Ancre in early 1917. Specifically they were in the Actions of the MIRAUMONT from 17 to 18 February. If you take a look at one of Haig's despatches there is a small account of the action:


I will try to find the war Diary reference at the NA and get back to you later.

Best wishes


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The NA reference is WO95/2044 and covers the period Apr 1915 to Feb 1918.

You can download the Diary in parts, it is a 24 hour service they call Digital Express. The cost seems to be 8.50 for 10 pages. I would suggest that you downloaded the Diary pages for Feb 1917 and then you can read them and get the feel of what happened up to 2 weeks before your subject was killed,and what happened for 2 weeks after that time. There are probably not 10 pages in a month's diary.There may also be someone here who has a copy and is willing to share it with you.


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The Battle of Boom Ravine.

The 12th Battalion Middlesex Regiment were the support battalion to the 11th Royal Fusiliers (left) and 6th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment (right.) The Middlesex were split, one company supporting the Fusiliers and one supporting the Northamptons. The other two companies formed carrying parties.

Before dawn the assaulting battalions crawled out into no man's land (the frost prevented the digging of forming up trenches) and awaited zero hour. The Germans knew about the attack (allegedly from British soldiers turned traitor) and shelled the forming up areas.

All three battalions took heavy casualties even before the attack started, particularly the Fusiliers and their Middlesex Regiment supporters. The attack eventually captured Boom Ravine itself, but further progress towards Miraumont was stalled by the heavy losses suffered both before and during the attack.

Please see this topic on a Northamptonshires officer killed that day.


Includes the 54th Brigade History narrative and the narrative from the 6th Northamptonshire Regiment War Diary.


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