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85 Siege Battery RGA


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Have the HAG's and Corps this battery was with from 1916 to 1918.

Can anybody suggest how I might find what they were armed with, which actions they took part in and their locations for those battles?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Here's a small section of the Canadian Corps HA Arty 16th Nov'17, 85 Siege are T4 in two sections. It's a bit fuzzy because I've had to reduce it down loads.

The others if your interested are:-

T3 -- 76 Siege

P5 -- 1st Can. Siege

P7 -- 81 Siege

X1 -- 224 Siege

X3 -- 238 Siege

X4 -- 331 Siege

S7 -- 434 Siege

U1 -- 66 Siege

U6 -- 7 Can. Siege


PS They, 85th, remained at these two positions through to Dec'17


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