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Reported at wrong place! An Engineer instead of an infantryman?


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Spr. George Hillier Emm, original number 787 joined the Wessex Division RE's in Bath, Somerset on 6th August 1914. Previous to this he had been a Territorial. He actually found himself at the Royal Engineers recruitment office by mistake! - but was snatched up because he was a saddler by trade.

I assume that, since war had not yet been declared, he had been called to report to his Territorial Regiment. I don't know what that regiment was - perhaps it was the Somerset Light Infantry.

I would like to find some records of the pre-war Territorials in that area. Does anyone know if they exist?

I also assume that since he joined up anyway there would be no come-back for not reporting in the proper place !

Nancy (2Ms)

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papers pre 1913 are held at the NA

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Not really sure what you're getting at here, but if his number was 787 and he served with the Wessex Divisional Engineers, then he's a Territorial!!! The Wessex Divisional Engineers were actually made up of Royal Engineer Territorial units, not regulars. The pre-war Territorial units were;-

1st(Wessex)Field Company, R.E.(T.F.) - H.Q., The Drill Hall, Upper Bristol Road, Bath.

2nd(Wessex)Field Company, R.E.(T.F.) - H.Q., Churchill Road, Weston-super-Mare.


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Thankyou Coldsteamer and Graham for your replies.

First, I hang my head in shame - war HAD been declared by 6 August of course but I still wonder whether Spr Emm went to the recruiting office of his own volition or whether he was told to report.

I know he joined the REs as a territorial on 06/08/1914 but I am interested to know which territorial regiment he trained with before the war - I suspect it was infantry.

Thank you Graham for the actual address in Bath

I shall investigate the NA as suggested.

Nancy (2Ms)

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