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1st/6th Gordon Highlanders

Chris Noble

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From the 1/8 Royal Scots in the European War(Pioneers to the 51st Highland Division).

"During the Battle of the Ardre Valley,the Battalion not only carried out their usual role of Pioneers,but were in the thick of the battle.They held the line on the 22nd and 23rd,while forming part of the 154th Brigade.The Battalion alone gained their objectives,capturing many prisoners,and macine guns."

Between 26 and 27 July 1918 the Battaloin was in reserve and up to the 30th were employed on the reconstruction of the roads forward to Chanmussy.

Not sure if this will assist directly but may give some indication of the direction and severity of the action.


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I have a copy of the "6th. Gordons in France and Flanders" in which they have five pages dedicated to this advaance. The losses were quite heavy, 68 killed and 276 wounded. If you are interested let me know and I can copy and scan these pages to you.

All the best,


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If is not too presumtous of me to ak I wonder if you could let me have copy of these papers re 1/6th. Gordons. If you ever want any details re 1/7th. Gordons just drop me a line. I have the full War Diary.


Jim Gordon

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