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casualities from the same village


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can any one tell me if it is possible to list casualties that come from the same village, I can find the men with graves in the local cemetery and churchyard. but is it possible to find the names of the ones buried oversees.

I would like to find if the local war memorial is complete.


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There is no certain way.

Firstly, what do you mean by 'come from the same village'? Do you mean - born there, lived there, worked there, had relatives there etc. All have been used as criteria for local war memorials.

The official list of dead is the CWGC Debt of Honour but that does not give any 'home towns' of the casualties - only addresses of next-of-kin post war in the 1920s (possibly the same as the casualty but also possibly not). Also, many entries do not have this information at all.

SDGW (Soldiers Died in the Great War) gives location of birth, residence and enlistement in most cases but there is no guarantee that they are necessarily accurate. Also, SDGW does not cover naval or RAF casualties nor is it complete for army men. In addition, it does not cover men who served in colonial or dominion forces.

As each village/town had different criteria for deciding who was placed on their memorial, there is no simple way of deciding who 'should' be on there or who died from the specific locality. Also, some relatives did not wish their loved one to appear on a local memorial.

You could get a list from CWGC or SDGW for the locality concerned but it would only be a starting point - for years of satisfying research - hopefully.

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Yes,and place of Birth. :D

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by from the same village I mean residents of the village at the time of death

is SDGW searchable by residence

Yes. Although the "residence box" is by far the least complete.

There are differing views about why this is the case. The most common theory is that it is blank if it would be the same as place of birth.

There are also theories (with some validity - but still theories), that it is actually place of residence of the next of kin rather than the soldier himself.

As Terry indicates, the possible reasons for a memorial appearing "incomplete" are numerous and varied.


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