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CWGC Casualty CD.

Bob Coulson

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Recently contacted CWGC who have qouted £40 for a casualty CD for the Yorkshire Regiment-Green Howards 1914-1918.

Could somebody say if these CD's are just the details you find on the normal site or is there any further info?

Also are they searchable by battalion/company?

Would be grateful for any advice before treating myself for Christmas.


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Hi Bob

The CWGC did one for me with K.S.L.I. casualties. It records the same info. as can be found on the On-Line site and I have not found any extra info. It can be searched any way you want - by Battalion, Regt. No., Name, part Name. If you are looking into an whole Regiment then I would say it is very useful.


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CWGC do have have any other info in their database other than that on the site with the exception of the 'Cause of Death' data when this appears (none at all for WW2 and only a small proportion for WW1).

The CD you get will have this 'Cause' data on the Word disk version (see below) if it exists. I don't know about the searchable version as I have never ordered one. Otherwise the information is the same.

The CD is an electronic version of the latest versions of their registers and has the same info as the printed ones that now appear in cemeteries. You can have a searchable disk as did Annette or you can ask for a simple Word disk (might be cheaper).

Well worth having if you want to specialise in one unit. However, beware. If you want the casualties who were 'attd to the Green Howards' (if any), you should specify that when ordering as they will not appear in a search for Regiment = GH.

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Many thanks for your opinions and tips, especially the attd to angle, hadn't thought of that. Good to know that you can also search with a few options.

Think I'll take the plunge.


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