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Thanks for all participants so far and thanks to Steve for putting another month into motion smile.gif

I put this list up to see if we could get some kind of order into the thread and wouldn't have to wait for several weeks for a new title to appear. So far the Monthly 'Great War' Art Thread has been like this;


February "Other Front(s)"

January -


December "Christmas"

November "Time for Remembrance"

October -

September -

August "The Regulars"

July "The Survivors"

June "Out of Reach"

May "Aftermath"

April "The Lost Generation"

March "Under age"

February "Live and Let Live"

January "New Beginnings"


December "A Cold Christmas in the trenches"

November -

October "The Runner"

September "Why Are We Waiting?"

August "They Don't Know"

July "The Last Stand"

June "Returning to the Battlefields"

May "Heart and Soul"

April "The Wire"

March "No Excuses"

February "Well, It Saved My Life..."

January "Sniper"


December MICHAEL JOHNSON "It's Over"

November SQUIRREL "Drill Sergeant"

October ABRAHAM BUTLER "Dug-out"

September SQUIRREL "Billets"

August SQUIRREL "Dawn"

July LANDSTURM "Night Assault"


May BRUCEHUBBARD "The Estaminet"

April LANDSTURM "Volunteer"


February OZZIE "Rats"

January GUNBOAT "The Kiss"


December OZZIE "What the hell does Christmas mean?, While we are stuck in the trenches?"

November MARINA "End Game"

October MICHAEL JOHNSON "The One(s) Left Behind"

September LANDSTURM "The Victoria Cross"

August SIMON J "Retreat"

July MICHAELDR "Allied Co-operation"

June SQUIRREL "Marching"

May MARINA "Alone"

April LANDSTURM "Gallipoli Landing"

March CHRIS CPGW "The Trench Raid"

February MICHAEL JOHSON "They also serve"

January LANDSTURM "Face to face"


December MAGICRAT "Christmas Truce"

November OZZIE "How Shall we remember them?"


September GUNBOAT "He was a Good Officer"

August SEKHMET "Shellshock"

July LANDSTURM "July the First"

June CHRIS CPGW "Kamerad"

May OZZIE "Why?"

April SFAYERS "Going to the Front!"

March SOREN1915 "Poets"

February CRIS CPGW "Home on Leave"

January LANDSTURM "New Year 1917 in the Trenches"


December MARINA "Casualty Clearing Stations/Walking Wounded"

November QPORTA "November 11th 1918"

October LANDSTURM "I got that from Neuve Chapelle"

September OWEN D "Battalion Transport"

August ROXY "What did you do in the Great War Daddy?"

July YPRES1418 "Then and Now"

June SPIKE10764 "Between the Lines"

May OZZIE "Canine, Feline, Equine and others, that helped the soldiers in the Great War"

April LANDSTURM "April 22nd, 1915"

March RUSSELL SMITH "Gentlemen and Warriors"

February SPIKE10764 "Men(or Women) Could Do No More"

January LANDSTURM "A letter from home to Hell"


December 6th SHROPSHIRES "The Nursing Services"

November SOREN1915 "Battle of Sambre Canal"

October SPIKE10764 "Feeding the Front"

September LANDSTURM "Not Leaving You Behind!"

August SOREN1915 "U-Boat"

July TIM GODDEN "Moving Up the Line"

June SOREN1915 "Battle of Mount Sorrel"

May LANDSTURM "Quiet Afternoon in the Lines"

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I kinda like this idea but unfortunately it takes so long for me to sculpt something I probably won't be able to participate in many of them.

Some possible topics for future months -




"The Greater Good"


"The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day"


"Is there a God?"



"1914 - It will all be over by Christmas"

"1915 - Coming to Terms"

"1916 - Shouldering the Burden"

"1917 - Will there ever come an end?"

"1918 - Victory / Defeat"

All the best,


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After the April Poll, the winner or anyone else who would like to put themselves forward for the May topic, can select from the list (if they want). We'll direct them to this post as the lists are a valuable guide , so that we don't "cover old ground" too often.

Is that OK with everyone ?


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Hi Landsturm,

Just a small amendum in the 2009 section please:


should read:

August SQUIRREL "Dawn"'

Many thanks,


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Edited. It's sometimes hard to keep track who to give credit for the title. Someone who has suggested it months ago, or someone who actually starts the topic. Thanks for correction.

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