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Remembered Today:

Kent Victoria Cross Grave - Cheriton, Folkestone

Neil Clark

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I thought the forum might like to see the state of this man's (half) headstone which is located in Cheriton Cemetery, Folkestone, Kent.

The headstone was still intact in the 1970's. I am told that the impressive cross was broken off by vandals in the early 1980's!

His VC is owned by Lord Ashcroft...

I wrote to the local authority 6 months ago asking if they would be prepared to attend the cemetery and improve it's appearance. I have had no reply which speaks volumes for the council and it's officers.

It seems unbelievable that his family has allowed this thing to deteriorate like this. I understand that this gallant man was very wealthy when he died of natural causes which is not entirely surprising given the fact he was an ADMIRAL OF THE FLEET! A very sad situation indeed...



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