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What happens to all the wreaths?

Matt Dixon

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Having just passed my local war memorial and seen this Novembers wreaths lying in puddles of water, looking fairly sorry for themselves, I wondered what happens to all the wreaths that get laid on November 11th.

The ones I have seen are far too bedraggled to be used again next year, so where do they all go?

Can anyone enlighten me?

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Sort of related. Whilst trying to find out some info' on the cenotaph (in relation to another thread) I found out that wreaths laid at the cenotaph are removed after 2 weeks

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I visited London with my family last year and took them along to St Paul's Cathedral to see the Gallipoli Memorial in the crypt there. I am very pleased to say that all of the wreaths were still in place in late July (since 25 April) and I think that apart from one at the foot of Kitchener's tomb, they were the only wreaths which we saw. A very nice gesture on the part of the Dean to have left them in place and much appreciated.


Michael D.R.

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