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Yorkshire Regiment & Royal Sussex Regiment


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Thank you for the replies, again, please forgive my ignorance on these matters as I have only just (yesterday) started my journey along this minefield of tracing my grandfather’s military history.

OK, I have purchased a copy of my grandfathers MIC ‘copy attached bellow’, I have read ‘The Long, Long Trail’ in how to interpret the medal index cards & the medal entitlement documents, however, there seems to be a link or relationship between;

1: The changing of numbers and going overseas, it has been suggested that that he didn’t go to France before March 1917 as his original number had already been changed?

2: Are there specific dates for numbers changing, or reasons?

Does anyone have any ideas or theories on why he would have transferred from the 5th Battalion ‘Territorial’ G Company - East Yorkshire regiment to the Sussex regiment? As its not local to his home town of Pickering in the North Yorkshire, and is it fair to assume he went overseas with the Sussex regiment and not the East Yorkshire regiment, I hope some one can shed some light on all my questions, thanking you in anticipation.

Kind regards,

Neil Magson


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Hello again Neil, glad to see you are beginning to get the hang of things and asking the right questions.

I don't know the answers unfortunately but as regards his transfer.....the chances are his transfer would not have been of his own choice. If the army needed to 'fill out' another regiment or battalion, etc. I am fairly sure they did just that. It could depend on the need for experienced men, NCOs, or just plain trained bodies, especially if a battalion had suffered serious casulties at the front and had to be brought up to strength quickly.

Many of my local chaps enlisted locally but ended up not in the Durhams or Northumberlands but in various regiments scattered around the country. Some may have actually enlisted with other regiments but the ratio appears too high to be volountary. Then there is also the possibility of dispersal to other regiments after the many Pals losses, where entire villages and towns lost most of their menfolk due to disasterous battles, such as the Ypres, Somme, etc.

This is just my opinion and not 'proven' as there were also certainly other reasons for transfers.


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Another cause for transfer was he may have been wounded and sent to recover, when he was well he went to the R Sussex Regt. It is most likley he went overseas with the 'Yorkshire Regt (Green Howards)'. A Trawl through the contemporary local papers may help as it could be recorded.

Regards Charles

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