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Need help confirming ASC unit identity


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Hi, this is a close up of my grandfather Cpl Walter Bale who was in the Army Service Corps and later 2nd London Regiment. I have zoomed in on him (standing) from a group of 4 colleagues. I can post the other low res file if it helps.

Someone has written 1915 on the back of this postcard. Can anyone confirm which unit he was in at the time? What was the significance of the lanyard he is wearing.

It would be useful to help confirm when and what unit he was in.

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Have another try at the posting the photo.

BTW, I can't see a Walter Bale serving with the ASC or Londons amongst the Medal Index Cards on the National Archives website. Did he serve abroad?


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There's a Wallis J Bale who served in both:


Could this be him? Do you know his service number for either units?


Thanks for the replies. I did manage to post the picture on another thread - my fault for not reading the size restrictions.

The MIC down as Wallis Bale is my grandfather Walter. We have confirmed it from his medals. The other service numbers are:

Army Service Corps S/4/035946 Private

Army Service Corps S/4/035946 Corporal

2nd Battalion London Regiment G/92246 Corporal

2nd Battalion London Regiment 241833 Corporal

I am really trying to work out when he transferred to 2nd London and have not yet had time to trace the medal roll. I assume he transferred well aftetr 20 Jan 1915 (his first date of entry to France) so he had time to make Cpl in the ASC. I also gather he would have transferred before 1 March 1917, hence the G/ prefix number and the post-1917 number.

Once again, thanks for the help here.

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