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Stephen White

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i have a clear photo of my late grandmother 's (ada white nee.coulson's) "uncle sam" in uniform.all i have written on the back in pencil is uncle sam and the number 81437.i have had the photo enlarged to a4 then laminated.in the photo he is wearing a soft forage style cap and spurs.the cap badge although distinguishable doesn't show a greta deal of detail.comparing the photo to a reference book i believe he may have been in the above regiment,can anybody confirm this for me i can scan and send photo if needed.is 81437 his service no ??. this is the sam coulson who had two brothers tom (who served in the royal warwicks) and bill (william) who was my grandmothers dad.i believe sam had a daughter called beatrice may/used to live by birmingham airport.any help very much appreciated. REGARDS STEVEN (of nigel and steve fame) :unsure:

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STUPID ME !! forgot the photo,so here it is. STEVE :rolleyes:


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