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Transcript from form no.: I. A. F. X1843.

This is to certify that Number, Rank, Name, Regiment has undergone a course of instruction in Gymnastics and Swordsmanship.

He has passed an examination at Secunderabad on 4th February 1905 according to the Military Systems and is hereby qualified to act as an Instructor.

Degree of Proficiency, Gymnastics - First Class, Swordsmanship - First Class.

Reverse of Certificate has this list of courses:

I Range Finding R.A.

II Grass Farming

III Roughrider R.A.

IV Riding

V Gymnasia

VI Signalling

VII Infy. Pioneer Sergt.

VIII Cavy. Pioneer Duties

IX Master Tailor

X can't read, print worn off parchment

XI Regl. Transport Ass.

XII Butcher

XIII Master Baker

XIV Artificer

XV Armourer, Asst. Armourer, and stripping arms etc., (Vol. Instrs.)

XVI Nursing

XVII Ambulance (Volunteers)

XVIII Cooking

What would the list of courses have been for the soldier in 1914 and again in 1918?


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