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HLI - but is it possible to ID battalion?


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Coincidentally the same day my copy of Alec Weir's "Come on Highlanders!" arrived I got this. I hope I am right in saying it is HLI and as several men have Imperial Service (3rd and 5th from left standing) badges I assume it is a territorial Bn. Are there any specialists able to tell me which one? I can see one shoulder brass and that just seems to be 1 line HLI (seated 3rd from right)

There are no identifying marks on the rear of the card. standard postcard back - no photographer's stamp

I am also wondering about the proudly displayed foodstuffs and dixies?

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The Royal Highlanders and Glasgow Highlanders as you are probably well aware are almost identical in uniform. However, if you can see HLI on one of their shoulders then the odds are it is (I think they wore this without a bugle?).

The other aspect of dress, which is a common feature of the Glasgow Highlanders, is that even after the issue of boots (instead of spats and shoes), is that they did not have their puttees cut (1/2 puttees), which is unusual. You'll notice they are wearing their puttees with the fold of the hose top showing. There is a good picture of Bob Rowan wearing a blue bonnet (balmoral) in April 1915, still wearing full length puttees. I think, not long afterwards, they then started to wear half puttees.

An excellent photograph, and hopefully one of the other pals will be able to identify the building.

Anyway, regarding the pots etc.; the white enamel dish most of the Scots pals will be no strangers to, it regularly appears every New Year's day at their Grannie's, or their mum's house containing a Steak Pie :D


Tom McC

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If you can make-out the HLI insignia then it would be the 9th Battalion (Glasgow Highlanders).

The No. 5 Mackenzie tartan was the tartan of the HLI and the 6th wore kilts of that Tartan (I have a 1918 dated example to the 6th HLI).

The 9th, alone of the HLI, wore kilts made up of No.1 (42nd) Tartan. Like Tom said just like the Royal Highlanders.

The dixie is bog standard British Army used.

Joe Sweeney

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Bit of nostalgia steak pie on New Years Day whit! the dish is called an 'Ashet' Thats a great photo. I think it is the Glasgow Highlanders, The officer is wearing a Light Infantry Sam Browne which no Black Watch officer would wear If you look carefully it is possible to see the tassels of his sporran which look Black Watch. I notice the man seated 3rd from the right is wearing spats, garter flashes and diced hose. The building looks like a sports pavilion, perhaps in this country as the men look pretty pristine and some of them are still wearing TF insgnia.


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