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MGC Experts assistance required

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Can any of our resident MGC experts assist with a question on regimental numbers? I am researchig a Sjt Patrick Behan and his MIC shows him with two MGC numbers the first is 48536 as a Sjt and the second is 7809133 as a Pte. Am I correct to assume that because he remained in service after the war and went to India that his second number was something to do with the restructuring of the Army. Is it also possible to tell which particular unit a man was with from his number. Thanks :)

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Hi mutley

I passed your question to a collegue who is a member of the MGC Association and he has replied as follows:

"Sjt Patrick Behan is confirmed as having the two numbers as stated, the first being the one allocated for service during 1916-1918 and the seven figure one which came into effect from 1920. The MGC "block" of numbers was: 7807001 to 7868000. Behan did serve in India with No 6 Company MGC and received the Indian General Service Medal, clasp Waziristan 1919-21, being one of 440 issued to the Corps".

Hope this helps.


Jimmy James

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