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Jacky Kingsley

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I think one of the forum members is connected to the CWGC site so perhaps he could help here. I am compiling a list of WW2 casualties and visited Lodsworth (Sussex) Church. Their memorial listed names and surnames whereas the CWGC site only listed initials. This is a copy of the e mail I sent the CWGC.

Hi As you know I am researching WW2 Sussex casualties. I went out to Lodsworth and as WW1 is not on the Roll of Honour site I did it for them. Anyway using the Memorial in Lodsworth Church I have discovered the Christian names of casualties for whom you only have initials. I did take a photo as proof but but my research skills are a damn site better than my photographic ckills. BOXALL EDGAR JAMES BRIDLE WALTER FRANK BURCHELL SIDNEY CHANDLER FREDERICK SHERLOCK RICHARD WYNDHAM CHANDLER ERNEST the memorial states he was a Lance Corporal and had the Mons Star (as did Hubert Pullen whom I cannot actually pin down to Sussex as I have a choice of 3 - enquiries are continuing in that direction.) Also on West Lavington memorial it states Rifleman EMRYS NICHOLAS was in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps but you list him as E and state he was in the Rifle Brigade. Thank you Jacky Kingsley

Their reply (after apologies for the delay in replying)

We acknowledge your comments regarding differences between the information we record for war casualties on our online 'Debt of Honour Register' and the details reflected on the local war memorial in Lodsworth Church. Please note however that the inscriptions on the local war memorial are insufficient evidence to enable us to update or alter our records. Instead, we would need supporting documentary evidence such as copies of individual birth certificates, service records, obituaries etc.. For further details on our requirements, please refer back to the information given on our website under the frequently asked question heading of "I believe a casualty's details are wrong or incomplete". Please click on the link below to view the appropriate page on our website:

Surely there must be some other way of giving the CWGC site the proof they need without landing me with a lot of extra work and expense. The village concerned is very small so I expect every man was known to the whole village.


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Initials were supplied by the military and the relatives supplied the full names (if they wished) on their Final Verification Forms.

CWGC only included full names where relatives so asked otherwise it was taken that the relatives were happy with initials only. They will not generally add full names now unless requested by a surviving relative.

They are correct in their view that many war memorials are wrong and cannot be relied upon. CWGC requires official documentary proof for most amendments - which is not unreasonable.

I know Lodsworth well.

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Hi Terry

All of the names mentioned are of WW1, which I did for the Roll of Honour site (along with WW2). Just having initials makes things very confusing at times. I just thought it would make things easier for those who come after.

Thank you for your reply.


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