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Remembered Today:

Capt James J Dykes KOSB


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I came across an individual memorial to Capt James Dykes, for full details see here.

According to his granddaughter, Capt Dykes was a qualified doctor and qualified dentist although he served as an infantry officer.

One photo in the family possession has me puzzled and that is with Capt Dykes and an older officer surrounded by nurses. Who, how, what, when, why? The buildings could be Scottish sandstone (he came from Dumfries) but he died as an infantry officer in Gallipoli in 1915.

Any info or suggestions are welcome.


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I can't help you with the nurses photo; however, below is Capt. James J. Dykes as a member of the 1st/4th KOSB, September 1914.



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An additional couple of snippets from R. W. Walker's 'To What End Did They Die - Officers Died at Gallipoli'

Capt. Dykes was MiD and his photograph appeared in 'The War Illustrated' 21st Aug 1915

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Thanks BottsGreys, Michaeldr and jdwn1 - all great stuff.

It has been suggested that the other man in the photo looks a bit like Lord Roberts. If so, this photo has to be between 1913 when Dykes was promoted to Captain and November 1914. The features look similar, but I don't know much about period uniforms. What does anyone think? Given that Dykes was in a volunteer battalion, could the nurses be TFNS?


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I mailed the latest photos to Capt Dykes grandaughter.

Received a text today from the lady - a 'silver surfer' whose texting skills are there with the youngsters. An extract follows:

"just 2 say very many thanks 2 u & ur colleague re capt dykes I ll get down 2 ur emails very soon best wishes"

I am sure for every one we hear back from, there are several more grateful friends and relatives.


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