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McCANN Ashley Vernon DFC 1 Sqn AFC


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Can any of your good selfs confirm this detail I have on this man.

I was checking the service record of this man and I had this extra detail that was not in there and wondered where I got it from and if it was true?

I show he was prom to T/Maj (pilot) with (4 victories) Awarded MID at the end of the war.

I can find no direct training as a pilot or that he made T/Maj?

Was there another McCann I may have mixed these men and did McCann have four victories at the end of the war?



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According to Cutlack's Volume VIII of the Official History, Lt A V McCann was an observer who flew with Lt A V Tonkin and Capt Ross Smith in Bristol Fighters. He also flew as an observer in No 1 Sqn's Handley Page O/400 C9681 over the Battle of Armageddon on 191 September 1918.

Tracing the victories is a little confusing. It looks like he was involved in what might have been three victories [perhaps not all were credited] while flying with Tonkin on 16 July 1918, and was Tonkin's observer when a Rumpler was shot down on 22 July. He was Ross Smith's observer in B1299 on 19 October when the pair shot down a DFW, and then landed nearby to destroy it with a flaregun on the ground - it was the last enemy aeroplane to be brought down in the Palestine theatre.

In the RFC/AFC/RAF system used during the Great War, both the pilot and the observer were credited with a victory when an enemy aircraft was shot down.

I hope that this is useful.


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Sorry yes it filled a few holes.

Thanks again.


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