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Pte Hart


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Recently downloaded the MIC for 50376 Pte James Peter Hart, South Lancs Reg, checking the SDGW it shows him as formerly 26104 Liverpool Reg, there is no mention on the MIC of his service with the Liverpool Reg, is this a mistake by SDGW, if not where did they get there information, cheers.



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excuse my eyes, been on here a lot tonight!!

but the mic you show has serial number 50346, cant llay my hands on sdgw at the mo but both cwgc and na (mic) both list as you 50376 so maybe a typo by a clerk?

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The Medal Index Card records details for the man when qualifying for campaign medals. If he transferred from the Liverpool Regt before going overseas then it won't be on the card.

The information probably came from his service papers, remember Soldiers Died was put together in the 1920s.



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