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Bienvillers military cemetery

villa park

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Does anyone out there know of a good hotel to stay at when visiting bienvillers cemetery?



Arras is handy, otherwise start here: http://www.1914-1918.net/sacredground/accomm_somme.html

No doubt, you have a particular reason for visiting Bienvillers. It's a large cemetery set in open fields and it's one of what I think of as the 'red rose' cemeteries. If you visit in summer or autumn, you'll see what I mean!

If you have time, not far away is one of my favourite Somme (it may be streching a point to call it that) cemeteries, St Amand. It's a beautiful example of one of the smaller cemeteries tucked away on the edge of a small village, and you'll have the cows for company!

Enjoy your trip.


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Hotel du Nord, Fonquevillers. Approx £23 per night, dinner bread and brekkie. Just returned from there and visited said Cemetery when staying in 2006. Plenty of snow in March.


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