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Royal Scots Fusiliers


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I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is much available on the Royal Scots Fusiliers in terms of websites with photographs of the 1st Btn.

I heard that the Royal Scots Fusiliers changed to the Royal highland fusiliers in the 50s and that I should contact the museum in Glasgow for information. Does anyone know what information the museum contains?

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Can't help directly but I can copy and send you an Article written in the 1950's entitled

"The Battle of Mons to Gheluvelt"

It's a reprint from a series Newspaper Articles which was compiled into Book form and outlines the actions of the 1st Battalion from 23 August 1914 to 30 October 1914(just an overview)

If you want me to send you a photocopy P.M. me a contact address and I'll gladly pop a copy in the post.


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I am more interested in the period of 1915. I know the person I am looking for died in 1915 but his MIC does not mention the 1914 star so I am guessing he didnt serve until early 1915.

Thanks Anyway :)

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