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I am travelling to France soon with family, and I want to follow up on a couple of relatives.

Private Herbert Bennett 5037 8th Battalion Australia who was killed 25.10.17. We believe his name is on the Menin Gate. The Australian Red Cross interviewed other soldiers about his killing and a location was given. The location of his death was apparently at Passchendaele. Reports from individuals are as follows:

“ Bennett was a stretcher bearer and was killed near Sunken Road across railway on Ypres and Roulers Ply in rear of Defy Crossing. He was sitting with his back against a cupboard (a pill box which was Co.HQ).They were just waiting for orders and he was buried in the same place. There were three killed by the same high explosive shell”

“…his neck was broken being buried. I helped to dig him out and helped to bury him on the Ridge. Put a cross up and his disc on the cross. ..”

Is it possible to find this location today? Can anyone suggest the best way to start ressearching this?


Lt Archibald Robertson 2nd Pioneers Australia (my Grandfather’s brother), who survived being wounded twice. Awarded the Military Cross for bravery. Interested in two locations:

"On 5th October 1918 during an attack on the village of Montbrehain, when leading two platoons of his company, he advanced 2500 yards, through strong enemy positions, gained the final objective and dug in under withering fire. When consolidating an objective he led out a Lewis gun team over exposed ground and placed them in a commanding site to keep down enemy fire. He was wounded in the arm by machine gun fire soon after (6.10.18)." Part of Military Cross citation..

Also he was early commended for his work, just before being wounded at Bullecourt in the leg by machine gun fire on 6.5.17. “He has done consistently good work and was specially commendable in pushing on Deville tramway from between Martinpuich and Eaucourt La Abbaye passed Butte De Warlencourt, along Baupaume road to Troneswood road enabling our field gun to get to Hexham Road firstly and beyond, when no road was available, and to keep up supply of ammunition (Guns were taken up on the tramway). Also did excellent work at operations near Bullecourt 5 – 6th May 1917 when he was wounded.

Again, anyone got a good strategy for reseraching this one?


David Robertson


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