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International Arms Fair

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For those of you who remember my posting about the International Arms & Militaria Fair having to move because of the fire at the National Motorbike Museum, I have some news. The fair is back at the museum and the first one of next year will be held on Sunday 22nd February.

Bit of a shame really, the temporary hall they used was 20 miles closer to my house :lol:

I have nothing to do with this fair, except that I go regularly.

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I don't know how much damage there was, but (according to their flyer) the fair will be in the three halls it used to be in.

I suppose all the silverware will have been destroyed, shame as I liked to look at it all whilst queuing to get in.

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I went to the one in Coventry this year. (You got free entry to next door's dog show too...). There was little by way of medals, documents, etc, but to be fair it is an arms show really. Trouble is, 75% or more of the material on show was Third Reich and even to my amateur eye looked newly made. I got more than a little troubled when I saw that amongst other things on sale were a technical manual on Zyklon B and a Ku Klux Klan commemorative photograph. Sorry, people, you can keep it. The dog show was nice, though.

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