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Scaling of Small Arms

Tom A McCluskey

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Hi All,

Does anyone have a list of the scaling of Small Arms to the other ranks, and other ranks appointment holders, within an infantry battalion (circa 1916-ish)? This is with particular attention to being armed with issued Webley Revolver.

In William Linton Andrews' book Haunting Years, as the CQMS he levelled his revolver at a carrying party who would go no further. I appreciate that some ranks would acquire a rifle to not look like an appointment holder. However, which other ranks or appointments would be officially armed/scaled with a service pistol as opposed to a rifle.

In advance, Many Thanks! ;)


Tom McC

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I cannot answer your question directly regarding infantry battalions, but certainly Other Ranks in cavalry and particularly Machine Gun Corps were frequently armed with pistols. Also pistols were issued for trench raids (see picture in Max Poilu's recent post on trench raiders).

Also, it was not just Webleys. There were Colt, Smith & Wesson and Spanish O.P. .455 pistols on issue as well as various Colt autos in different calibres.



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