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Tracing relatives of recipient of Iron Cross (2nd)


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Can anyone out there help me to try and find surviving relatives of an Iron Cross recipient.

I know that the Cross was captured at " La Fosse German Airfield Harincourt Woods Sept 1917" by my grandfather as he has put a note with it.

I am guessing that this is an impossible task, however I feel that I must make the effort to reunite the medal with it's rightful family, as I know how important that my Grandfathers medals are to me.


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I would guess its like a needle in a haystack.

Like WW2 British medals (the majority) none were named. The value to a collector today is in the paperwork or award document to the soldier.

The Germans didnt like talking about their losses up until now at least. There are a couple of WW2 German forums (German language and you need it) to research, also the Volksbund has a web site but getting info from them is like getting RAF WW2 info here.

Really, anyone could say it was theirs, no real way of knowing. Just keep it with Grandfathers medals as part of his set.

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Thanks Chaz,

I'll take your advice and keep it with the set, as it looks like tracing will be as hard, if not worse than I thought it would be!!

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Hallo King, :D

A nice thought, but.... unless it was documented at the time of capture, you probably will never know who it belonged to.

Even if you found out the names of all the German Units located in that area at the time, then found the daily parade state for all the Officers, NCO's and men, along with a list of all who had been awarded the Iron Cross II Class and First Class, I think it would still be an impossible task to match it to a particular individual and any surviving family.

In my own collection I have 30 II Class Iron Crosses and none have any documentation, and all I can do is wonder about the former owners. :blink:

So cherish it and the memory of your Grandfather :D

Connaught Stranger.

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