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Driscoll's Scouts, Rhodesian Volunteers, Transvaal Scottish


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I'm trying to 'flesh out' the background to an interesting chap - Captain David Guy Davies MC of the 10th KRRC, :D who was killed in action 4.4.17 at Metz en Couture. He was born in Orange Free State in South Africa in 1883 and before coming to England in 1914 he had prior military experiences in all of the units. He served for 16 months in Driscoll's Scouts during the Boer War, then 3 years in the South Rhodesian Volunteers and latterly with the Transvaal Scottish.

If there are any African Pals out there who are expert in these units and wouldn't mind helping me with any photographs and information on the 1899-1914 period, I'd be very grateful.



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Have you googled ? There are quite a few refs to Driscoll's Scouts which seem to paint some pictures.

Maybe the other 2 units will produce the same.


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For Transvaal Scottish see:


For Driscoll’s Scouts see:


For Southern Rhodesia Volunteers see:



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