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Iron Cross Medallion


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I have in my posession a medallion of an Iron cross with the dates 1914/1915 on it it is surrounded by oak leaves and has the letter W holding the oak leaves on the rear.

Can anyone hazard a guess as to who made it or any other info.



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Hello Ady, I have seen similar items to yours and they range from tin badges to elaborate jewellers made items.

I belive that they are patriotic items similar to the sweetheart badges.

The W may be the makers mark, and if seen on an a real Iron Cross is the maker mark for Wagner of Berlin.



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Hi Ady,

The item definatly comes under "Patriotika" and pieces were made by top quality jewelers to field fabrication by German soldiers (Trench Art).

Here are your pictures cropped:


For some strange reason there is a hole in the middle of the Iron Cross!!

I am making inquires about the "W" mark so far no results.

Connaught Stranger :D

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PICT0014.jpgAdy,this bracelet I got a while ago for peanuts with the idea of selling it on for wads but,offered 1st choice to my beloved &(bah)she fell for it big time :angry:

Its a driveband one , not uncommon & now I'm glad she wanted to have it 'cos.I love it :D

The back is inscribed with Germanic lettering with a '15 date but no makers marks I can see.

However,it has been extremely well made & not trenchart in the sense of the word.


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Hallo Ady, :D

just spotted this up for auction on German Ebay, it is the same as yours and by comparing the pictures you can see what is missing from your item.


Aus Sammlungsauflösung biete ich an:

ein Patriotischer Anhänger in Form eines eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaubkranz. Das Eiserne Kreuz ist schwarz emmaliert mit weißem emmalierten Rand. Im Zentrum des EKs sind erhabenen Eichenlaubblätter und Eicheln aufgesetzt. Im oberen Bereich befindet sich eine Krone und im unteren Bereich die Jahreszahl 1914/15. Der Eichenlaubkranz ist separat aufgelötet. Auf der Rückseite befinden sich auf dem Eichenlaubkranz oben und unten jeweils 1 Oval mit einem W (Hersteller?)

Die Maße: 3 x 3 cm.


From dissolution of collection I offer: a patriotic hanger in form of an iron cross with oak leaves ring. The iron cross is black enamel with white enamel edges. In the center of the Iron Cross are raised oak leaves and acorns are put on. In the upper arm of the cross is a crown and in the lower arm the year 1914/15. The oak leaves ring is separately soldered on. On the back are of the oak leaves ring top and bottom arms a oval with a W (manufacturers?) The size: 3 x 3 cm.

I am sorry to say nobody I contacted can verfy the "W" is for the manufacturer Wagner :(

Connaught Stranger.

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