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Help need to ID photo RWF 1916 ?

Robbo 46

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Pretty sure he is a RWF chap.

However he can't be the old Sgt Boer War Vet above, as he was in a POW camp in Germany in 1916. (And died of Flu in 1918)


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Hi Robbo,

Just a few thoughts about tracing his details;

There's just a possibility that his Marriage Certificate has more than "HM Forces" in the "Quality, trade or Profession" column. Should be possible for you to trace the Cert. reference number if you don't have a copy of the original - ask a pal on this Forum who has access to the GRO Index, and give the names of both parties to the marriage, date etc. You can then order it from the GRO itself, or I believe other online agencies.

Secondly, if you know what his home address was at the end of the War, try asking in the relevant Reference Library or County Records Office for the Absent Voters List for late 1918 or even a 1919 edition. The better AVLs have full regt numbers & details, if you look for him under the correct address. Try searching this Forum for threads relating to AVLs.

Thirdly, if you know where his WW1 medals are (if he had any) then his name, rank, regiment, number etc. will be impressed on the rim.

Fourthly, various bits of official paperwork e.g. discharge certificate, pay book, medal slips all have details which can expand your knowledge - IF they've survived.

That'll do for starters. Try looking in the Forum's host site "The Long Long Trail" for further hints on research.

Best of luck,


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Certainly the 1908 pattern service dress, not sure if the belt is correct, and he is holding a swagger stick. Looks like RWF and interestingly, it would appear that the second button down on his jacket is blackened or covered in black cloth.

Soldiers who had lost a family member or relative did this to signify that they had lost someone.

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