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Info on soldier Middlesex Regiment please?


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I am looking to find out more information on my Grandfather Albert Edmund Stafford.

I know that he was a 2nd Lt with the 52nd ???? Bn, Middlesex Regiment.

Does anyone have any info on this regiment and possibly my Grandfather?

Many thanks, Sara

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As far as I can tell they were a training battalion. The entry in British Regiments 1914-1918 reads as follows

52nd (Graduated) Battalion

On 27.10.17 the 285th Graduated Battalion (formerly 22nd Training Resere Battalion from 16th Royal Fusiliers)) at Canterbury in 202nd Brigade 67th Division became 52nd Battalion. About March 1918 to Colchester where it remained

I would reckon he was either training or being trained. The battalion never left the UK but would have supplied drafts for overseas service

I imagine others will be able to add more

Regards Hambo

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He has a medal card that you can download from The National Archives for 3.50 GBP.

"Description Medal card of Stafford, Albert Edmund

Corps Regiment No Rank

Middlesex Regiment G/15240 Serjeant

Middlesex Regiment Second Lieutenant

Date 1914-1920

Catalogue reference WO 372/19

Dept Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies

Series War Office: Service Medal and Award Rolls Index, First World War"

This means that he was awarded some sort of medal. At worst it was the Silver War Badge indicating that he was discharged for sickness or injury, or better, that he was awarded campaign medals for overseas service.

Worth a go to get started.


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Thank you Hambo and Noel.

I have downloaded his medal card and I think it states he received the Victory and British medals, but it'll take me a while to work out what the rest means! Think I saw a thread about medal cards ....

This will indedd be a starting point as

1920-1922 Royal Irish Constabulary

1922-1926 Palestine Gendarmerie

Colonial Police Force of Palestine, Mauritius and Nigeria

1931-1937 Mauritius Police- made Superintendent and awarded Kings Police Medal for gallantry in 1937.

Plenty to keep me busy then!!

Really would appreciate anything that may be known about the Middlesex Regiment and /or this soldier.

Thanks. Sara

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Sara - there was an Albert E Stafford 71469 served in the RIC from 1920. Given his rank he was likely to have been in the Auxiliary Division of the RIC (ADRIC). There will also be a service record entry (probably with very minimal details) on the RIC General Register. If you have not already got it, I could try and confirm his ADRIC details for you. Let me know if that would be helpful.

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Most of the service files for officers have survived the years (unlike many of the "Other ranks" ones). The National Archives holds 3 file sthat MAY be relating to your grandfather:

WO 339/71801 STAFFORD A [1914-1922]

WO 339/94113 STAFFORD A [1914-1922]

WO 374/64707 STAFFORD, 2/Lieut A E 1915-1919

These often contain a good amount of detail on an Officers career before being commissioned as an officer, but are ofthen fairly piecemeal on a man's officer career (They were "weeded" in the 1930s, so the surviving material is rather variable). These are physical files that will need to be looked at at the NA at Kew.

Albert was commissioned fairly late in the war, so if one of the above is his file it should cover most of his Great War army career:

London Gazette 21-5-1918

War Office,

22nd May, 1918.


The undermentioned Cadets to be temp. 2ndLts. 1 May 1918:

INFANTRY (attached).

Midd'x R.

Albert Edmund Stafford.


(The "attached" reference suggests that he was sent to a battalion around that point, though whether overseas or not is difficult to tell...)


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The Index to the Microfilm records of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) - and who have family history centres in the UK - gives the follwoing record for an Albert E Stafford:


Birth Date/Age: 1895


Enlisted: 1920

Film #: 852093

Page #: 45B

Details of the Source from Ancestry.co.uk:

Ireland, The Royal Irish Constabulary 1816-1921

Source Information:

Reakes, J., comp.. Ireland, The Royal Irish Constabulary 1816-1921 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004. Original data: An Index To The Royal Irish Constabulary, 1816-1921. 1816-1921. Microfilm LDS Family History Centre, 0852088-97-0856057-2069.

About Ireland, The Royal Irish Constabulary 1816-1921

This is an extraction of the Royal Irish Constabulary for the years 1816-1921

The Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) was created in 1816, and initially staffed mainly by Irish-born men. However, toward the 1900s, and especially afterwards, the RIC recruited men from countries such as England, Scotland, Wales, and the United States. The records of the RIC were only indexed annually by the date of enlistment. Until this database was created, the only way to identify whether an ancestor joined the forces was an extremely time-consuming search. Some people joined for a few days or weeks, others stayed for years, and quite a few migrated. There are mentions in the index on whether a person emigrated, died, or married.

The original records go into greater details, showing where each man was stationed, where he had relatives, whether he got married, and if so the date, illnesses, conduct, promotions, cause of death if died in the force; pensioned or retired; as well as a physical description. The index shows the name of each man, a year or birth or an age on enlistment; a county of birth or a country; whether single or married, comments such as died, emigrated, etc., and the reference film number and page for fuller details. This index is an important source for Irish research, even if your ancestor didn't appear to have been in the RIC. He may have enlisted for a few days or weeks and signed out. His details are still on record. This index is a work in progress. This latest update adds another 11,074 records to the previous 58,433 records.


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  • 14 years later...

I have just started researching him

Curious with this man, he enlisted in the RIC as a Black & Tan Constable. He could as an officer have joined the ADRIC and earned considerably more money.

He went on in 1922 to go into Palestine Gendarmerie

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