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British Administration in India - property marks

Keith Longmore

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Hello folks

I wonder if anyone out there knows anything about the government property marks used in the Raj? I have a wrist watch imported into India by the West End Watch Company of Bombay during the 1920s. On the back is the usual broad arrow, combined with S.I.S, the I forming a long tail of the arrow. Does anyone know what this stands for? I've tried every which way on google, and drawn a total blank.

Thanks folks


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The British government ownership mark of a broad arrow was used by all the Dominions etc., in some form or other.

Yours, of a broad arrow over I, was the Indian ownership mark and should look like this:

I do not know what department or organisation the S S represents though.

The Canadian property mark was a broad arrow within a large C and the Australian one D(broad arrow)D.



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