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Deciphering an RAF Record-Disp Cert?


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A very kind forum member copied the RAF record of Harry Orton for me but I could do with some help with regard to deciphering the "Movements"

1.Cherbourg to Sick on Leave 11/05/18 appears to be scored out with a note underneath stating Disp Cert 36700. What is a Disp Cert & what does it mean?

2. Blanford to ?? for Disp. 21/01/19. What does this say/mean?

Your help would be much appreciated.

Best regards, Jacqui

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Cherbourg to the UK on (Sick?) Leave and possibly posted to Calshot, there may have been a hospital or recuperation centre there? From there he was posted to Blandford, which was a RAF Depot and later housed the records centre. He was demobilized or disposed off (The RAF use both these terms) from Blandford. This might have been a paper posting, in all probability he was either in hospital or at home and Blandford was tidying up the loose ends.


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Thanks, John,

I believe that Cherbourg was a sub-station of Calshot anyway so I guess that he would have been posted back there if he was sick (even if he was sent home). I was wondering what Disp. Cert actually meant. If it meant "Disposed of" as I think you may be suggesting, then maybe this meant that he was going to be out of action for some time, not just sick for a few days or even weeks. Thanks for the information about Blandford, as it was a record centre then yes it would make sense that his records were transferred from Calshot to Blandford & then "Disposed of" to the reserve list 2 months later.

Cheers, Jacqui

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