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What's in a name?

Guest hlr77

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First post so sorry if there is an obvious answer to this. I am trying to find a name for my great grandfather. The only information that we have on him is that he was stationed at Bowerham Barracks in late 1918 and that he could have been a Regimental Sergeant Major.

Any ideas where to start?

Thanks for any help given


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Do you have any clue's to his identity at all apart from what you have listed, brother/sister cousins etc, area he lived at, marriages. If you can at least get the town an absent voters list may exist.

If not you will have a very tough job trying to locate him.

see this web site for the regiment at Bowerham Barracks.


Good luck


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I would imagine that a name is the very least that you require to carry out any research at all. Have you tried the birth, marriages deaths route?


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You have to do the basic family history research. Find your father's birth registration, and buy the certificate. If we are talking about an England or Wales birth, then once you have the reference from the index you can order the certificate from the General Register Office on-line. In the normal course of events the birth certificate will give you the names of your father's father and mother. You then search for their marriage certificate - on it will be the names of the fathers of both the bride and groom. By this point you should be back to at least 1901 and you can enlist the help of the censuses.

If you don't know anyone who can help you with FH research, send me a PM as I have quite a lot of experience.


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