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76th Battalion CEF - Robert Glen


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Hi, I am hoping someone can help me get started with tracing the career of Robert Glen. He signed his papers in Hamilton in July 1915 and I think he may have been wounded and sent back to Canada late in 1917. How can I find out where he was during the war and what he was up to?

Many thanks - janeh :rolleyes:

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Ordering Records

Hi Jane,

If you use the above link it will explain how to order Robert Glen's full service record.

I suspect you have checked his attestation papers and yes there is a note that he was invalided back to Canada.

I don't think the 76th went overseas as a unit but I am going by memory and I have little doubt if wrong i will soon be corrected.

Good Luck,


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You may be in luck here. The 76th Battalion has a Regimental History, which was published just after the regiment went to England, as a tribute to its members. This book is filled with platoon photographs and ALL soldiers are identified by name. As I recall the photos fold out and are quite large, and very clear. Your man is probably pictured in here.

I owned this book many years ago, and sadly traded it away. I have never seen another. It is regarded as extremely rare, and probably quite expensive.

The 76th was broken up to supply reinforcements to the battalions already serving in France.

Good luck, I'm sure someone out there has a copy. (If you do find one, please let me know as I would also like to search down a couple names in the book. Thanks)

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Hi David and Jane,

David my mistake what I meant was 'didn't serve as a unit in France' I thought it was broken up for replacements. It amazes me the distance between my mind and my fingers!


Unfortunately by checking Garth's CEF History file it doesn't seem that anyone has the 76th's history. But hopefully it will pop up.

Take care,


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Hello David and Neil,

Many thanks for your replies. I will request a copy of the service docs, I must have missed that option when I visited the Canadian Archives.



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  • 18 years later...

I have a copy of the Historical Record 76th CEF. I am in the processor selling it and the rest of my books so if anyone needs some info on a soldier let me know.

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