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KRRC Schilling - Unit information

Guest mschilling

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Guest mschilling

I have recently found my G-Grandfathers war records and wanted to know what further information I could find.

His original war records were not available but he transferred to the RFC in Dec 1917 so I was lucky enough to find these records.

It shows that he joined the KRRC on 2 Sep 1914 with regimental number 1030.

I'd be really interested to know about which brigade he served with - I know he entered theatre in France on 21 July 1915.

Does anybody know how I could get any more information?

His name was George Frederick Schilling, Pte, from Manchester.



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The 10th and 11th Btns arrived in France/Flanders on this date - and the 12th the next day

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Guest mschilling

Many thanks

I wondered if the regimental number (1030) would give any clue. Is this number unique to a Battalion or regiment?

His service records show;

France - 21/7/15 to 25/9/15

France - 10/3/16 to 24/9/16 (slightly wounded on 25/9/16)

he then trasferred to the Devonshires on 13//17

France - 27/2/17 to 2/12/17

he then transferred to the LC and RFC on the same day - 3/12/17

France - 3/12/17 to 20/2/19

I don't know if this would narrow down his batallion.

Also, his servce started on the 2/9/14 but am i correct in thinking that the 10th, 11th and 12th formed a couple of weeks later. Is this possible? Did soldiers sign-up and wait for the batallion to form?

Many thanks again for your time is answering my questions.

Kind Regards


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