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Colonel Jonathan Meakins


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Hello all.

Does anyone have any information on the work of Colonel Jonathan Meakins (Canadian) when he was at 15th Canadian Field Hospital [Duchess of Connaught Red Cross Hospital, Taplow], 1916 through early 1917 when he was transferred away. He worked with J. S. Haldane on treating gas victims. Their work together was fundamental in developing deep oxygen treatment.

His granddaughter wrote to me: "He did say in his letters home near the end of the war that he was very proud of the work the McGill team and its colleagues did during the war at Taplow and other hospitals, as the intensity of the situation and exposure to the quantity and variety of problems led to imaginative therapies that would have taken many years longer to emerge in normal life. The application of science to clinical medicine and the development of the two hand-in-hand was radical at the time, although that is hard to imagine now.'

I'd be grateful for any info on Meakins at that time, or anything specific on those gas victims ... maybe letters home or diaries? An especial thrill would include mention of J.S.Haldane. (I've checked through the Taplow diary entries online here, but don't find references therein.)



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