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Ypres winter


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Would it be worth going to Ypres and the surrounding area on New Years and a few days after ?. What are the conditions like out in the battlefields. Anyone spent a New Years Eve in Ypres also . Don't mind a party .

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BS1918 - my wife and I did this in 2000 and again in 2001. It tends to be a bit bleak, of course, and in 2001 it was also especially cold. See my photo of Zonnebeke chateau with snow, frozen lake, etc.

But if you want solitude around the battlefields, you just wrap up warm and you've got it!

New Year's Eve at "Last Post" is a very quiet and moving ceremony, but don't expect to be able to go into Ypres for something to eat afterwards. On that night, all the restaurants are closed, except for one or two which have been hired for large family get-togethers.

Our New Year visits were really memorable and we're hoping to do it again.



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Thank you Tom .

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