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Cleaning memorials


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I was in Kirkcowan (Wigtownshire) photographing the memorial and got chatting to some council workers who were interested in what I was doing. They told me that once a year (late October of course) their job is to jetwash all the memorials in the area. Not sure that is the recommended treatment for the bronze panels and it might account for some of the wear on the sandstone memorials if this is the widespread practice. In all fairness, I must say that I did not notice any undue wear on the memorials in their area.

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JETWASH!! I just hope that English Heritage or whoever don't hear about that. We've just had our village memorial cleaned after eighty years useing specialist chemicals and loads of TLC by expert stonemasons. It looks like new apart from some of the lettering needs freshening. In April the addition of twelve more names will complete the task. Jetwash....oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.


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Guest KevinEndon

Whatever next, a good dose of brick acid followed by the jet wash and scrubbing brush or to save time a metal disc on the end of the cordless drill for those stuborn stains.

Its heartbreaking.

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JETWASH!!! I agree leave it to experts.

There is a home office code of practice, which does not say much about cleaning care except Dont Do It! Can't find it on the Home Office website now, in fact a search for War Memorials there turned up nothing, but I have a copy:


Some of the contact details are out of date and the FOWM site has no info.

(remember visiting a bronze age site in the care of EH a few years back. It was closed since they had sprayed 'Herbicide' on some modern concrete post hole markers. I'd rather see the moss and all the creepy-crawlies left alone)

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