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No Time To Spare? - Our Boys Who Went To War


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I couldn't see that this book had had a mention anywhere before so I thought I'd give it a shout.

Chris Sparrow - the author - is a Housemaster at Summer Fields, a prep school in Oxford, and he has written a book about all of the school's old boys who have died serving in the armed services. A lot of the boys from the school go on to places like Eton (primarily), Wellington, other big name schools and this is a neat dedication to those that died.

There is info from other conflicts but more than half the book relates to the Great War and there are sections on the Navy, Gunners, several on the Western Front at various points, Gallipoli, Other Theatres, The Somme in particular and Air Services. Boys mentioned include Julian Grenfell and his brother, Billy Congreve VC, Arthur Rhys Davids (Ace), Thomas Colyer-Fergusson VC; and their military careers are nicely tied in with information about their days as schoolboys.

It's quite a specialised read, but for anybody interested in public school boys and their role in the war, or f you are different this is something focused enough on one area to gve its subjects a really personal touch. I'd defientely recommend it.

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